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Crochet mandalas … what about a downloadable e book?

I have become a little addicted to mandalas and find I could design one for each character I know. Some of the samples have been turned into bright unique hats, one was fearured on the front cover of Crochet Now !! With matching gauntlets. Another made a great birthday present for my sister. Thinking about making these patterns into a joint Mandala and hat … Read More Crochet mandalas … what about a downloadable e book?


Crochet patterns what’s missing out there?

I love to crochet and am kept busy with projects for Inside Crochet and Crochet Now. I love it but am always working to briefs that suit the magazine format. My question is what are people searching for. When they go online or buy a magazine. In effect what’s missing. Let me have your feedback ! Link to my Pinterest